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The coziest bamboo and organic cotton blend sweatshirts.

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Your Charities

We all love knowing that a store or brand is giving back to the community and charities, but wouldn't it be nice to know that donation is going to something that means a lot to YOU? We believe it's important not only for the great work a non-profit or charity does but is a crucial element to one's overall happiness. Knowing that happiness is so personal, we could never decide what would make you happiest. This is why we are a retail member of Trureal. Enroll (just once) at Trureal, make your purchases and have us give-back where it means the most to you. US and Canadian residents.

other charitable programs from the past

that made us proud

Helping Healthcare

During 2020 for every item purchased, Happiness Is Inc. paid it forward to a front-line health care worker with a t-shirt of happiness. It’s was an opportunity for all of us to bring a small smile to a healthcare workers stressful day. We sent shirts to various hospitals and care centres across the US and Canada with your generosity and suggestions. The program has been ended but here are a few happy words from some nurses:

"Absolutely love your line and I love your company even more now because of your generosity. During these uncertain times it is these gestures of kindness that recharge the spirit and fill us  up with hope and gratitude. I actually work in two long term care facilities (only one at the moment due to restrictions). Both of these homes are older facilities and the environmental constrictions add to the challenges but this doesn’t affect our teams spirit and inspires innovative solutions." 

"The shirts arrived yesterday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Your incredibly kind and generous offer of t-shirts for the nurses is so amazing! We are currently spending our days at work in unflattering OR scrubs with scrub caps on our heads. Your generosity is so special to me and my nursing friends! Everyone is very excited about the shirts and the fact that you send a card with each one made them that much more special."


Our Happiness is...Youth Council was a fun real-world learning and mentoring opportunity for teens over the course of a year to design, develop, produce, and market a Happiness is...t-shirt around a theme of their choosing that spoke to them. To launch on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, they chose Happiness is...Our Planet. It spoke to the collective, in that it's a place we all call home. They were set back by the pandemic for launch but still managed to create some videos. $10 from every shirt purchased was donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.