Our Story

Happiness is something we all wish to have, but sometimes have trouble achieving.  Modern life contributes to our anxiety; it's busy, fast-paced, stressful, and full of doubt.  At the age of 95, with wisdom, reflection and passion, Gordon Carton founded Happiness Is Inc., as a way to inspire us to find our happiness within.  He knew it's impossible to have a lifetime of happiness, but the gratitude we can have for what makes us smile, and the connections we share with the people around us, the happier we become.  And happiness is contagious.

Gordon passed away in 2017, but his legacy lives on with his granddaughter, founding partner and Happiness Is Inc. Chief Happiness Officer Andrea Armstrong. Leading a small group of women working to do the right thing, the Happiness Is Inc. team is dedicated to making high quality casual and athletic clothing that makes you feel happy about your purchase. Live it. Wear it. Share it.

Our Process

We value ethical production and being able to connect directly with the manufacturing process, no matter where they are located (though our clothing is all made in Canada). It also makes us really happy knowing the craftsmen and businesses that we are supporting along the way.  In our early stage, as a brand, picking up an off-the-shelf product and decorating it would have been inherently easier…but being easy isn’t necessarily being right. We also don’t experience the cost efficiency achieved in the volumes that bigger apparel companies do, but we feel it’s worth it to know that your garment was cared for along the way.  We may have to say we are sorry on occasion (remember, we are Canadian after all) for higher prices, but we think you believe in the importance of supporting the little guys too.