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We have so many happy places we love!

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Is it on the course?

Or on the trail?

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Lake life is hard to beat!

Maybe the wind in their sails brings them happiness?

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Happiness is...Grampy

Happiness is...Grampy

Written and read by Ryan & Blake Armstrong at Gordon's Celebration of Life (picture taken on fathers day 2016 before any Happiness samples!)

Happiness Is... 

RYAN             H is for hero. A war hero. My mom’s hero. Our hero.

BLAKE           A is for awesome!

BLAKE           P is for passionately patriotic. I don’t know anybody that loved Canada as much as my Grampy.

RYAN             P is for Progressive Conservative politician. Apparently we had a lot of P’s

BLAKE           Iis for intelligent. Did you know that Grampy skipped three grades?

RYAN             N is for newspaper clippings. He would send me newspaper clippings to help me on various things, including my project on the environment. I was told he would help and send clippings to many of you too. 

BLAKE           E is for energetic. Grampy was 95 starting a business.  

RYAN             S is for supportive. Even at 95 he came to my graduation and my football game when he knew I wasn’t going to play very much.

BLAKE           S is for Swiss chalet. Anyone not eat there with him?

RYAN             Iis for being inclusive and always interested.  No matter who you were, you felt important to him.

BLAKE           S is for his smile.  We will always miss it.


Happiness Is…Grampy