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Canada & Fellow Canadians

For me, a senior, (95 on July 14, 2016) the inspiration for Happiness Is Inc.  casual and athletic clothing, is a combination of our beautiful geographic country, millions of deceased Canadian nation builders, including our gallant armed forces who gave their lives, and the many millions of Canadians who now populate our great country from coast to coast. 

In the July/August 2012 edition of a local magazine “Spirit of the City” I read a featured article called “The Canadian Dream – O Canada”.  I read the article two or three times, and my mind focused on the following excerpt “The beauty of Canada is that you can find anything.  We have trouble defining it because it is whatever you want it to be – but that’s awesome”.  I then concentrated on my own perception of a more inclusive definition, and arrived at “Happiness Is…™Canada”.  It is concise – simple and meaningful! 

In today’s world few people have a complete lifetime of happiness, but I believe we all have moments of happiness that we seek and appreciate and wish to share.  I was thrilled in 2015 that Canada:

  • was named “the most admired nation in the world”;
  • was designated as the “6th happiness nation in the world”;
  • was recognized as having one of the best educational systems in the world;
  • and is now among the world leaders in climate control.  
These great global awards bring you and me, and our fellow Canadians into a very special category which you and I and millions of Canadians, in the present and in the future must, and will make sustainable. We live in the greatest country in the world!  

I want the “Happiness Is…™Canada” collection to serve as a lifetime inspiration for all Canadians.  I want all Canadians to collaborate and continue to forge ahead as a world class nation. Perhaps one day there will be global collaboration and world-wide respect for all human beings! Let us celebrate our moments of happiness; and encourage our fellow human beings to do likewise! Let us do this in true Canadian fashion – and with no smugness.

We need a beginning!  Canada and Canadians must provide that beginning for Canada and for the world! We are a young nation! LET OUR PATRIOTISM SHINE THROUGH!


Gordon Carton



6 Responses

Chris White
Chris White

December 05, 2016

An awesome brand for an awesome country! Congratulations on turinng a great idea into reality!

Larry W. Cohn
Larry W. Cohn

November 03, 2016

Gordon Carton defined in 4 words;
Patriot, Inspiration, Role Model
All of us should follow Gordon’s example and cherish the “moments of happiness” as they occur and we will all enjoy more of the great things life has to offer. Simply speaking to, or reading Gordon’s words, certainly make us better and more proud Canadians

Peter Seybold
Peter Seybold

September 02, 2016

Gordon Carton is a truly an inspiration for so many of us in so many different walks of life …young and not so young. As Gordon points out , Happiness is not static…We have ‘moments of happiness’ which means we are happiest when we are active. Gordon has set a very high bar for the rest of us to follow. For me ’Happiness is being true to myself and sharing my passion for Canada with the rest of the world.

Brian Whiston
Brian Whiston

September 02, 2016

There is probably too much negative attitude about what is wrong in society today.

Happiness is Canada is a fantastic step towards a positive shift.

Great Great concept Mr Carton

Tara Thompson
Tara Thompson

September 01, 2016

What a fabulous idea for a fabulous country! I love this country and am proud to be Canadian!

Hannah Poplar/Kay
Hannah Poplar/Kay

August 13, 2016

How beautiful, eloquent and inspiring your words are Gordon Carton. Canada is blessed to have you!

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