Happiness is...a Book Recommendation

Curling up with a good book over the holidays and escaping into a different world is a welcome pleasure. Enter Better Luck Next Time, written by best-selling Canadian author Kate Hilton.
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Happiness is...Sailing

Sailing isn't an experience that I grew up doing, nor do I know how to do it today. But some of my most memorable and best vacation experiences have been had on overnight sailing trips.
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Happiness is...Fishing

Do you have funny fishing stories with your family? David MacKay shares some of his.
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Happiness is...My Dog!

My husband Dave promised my daughter Finlay a dog before she turned 11. I did not want a dog. Especially, the added responsibility of a dog. Our days were too busy already, and keeping the house clean was a battle we had lost three children ago. "Not to worry," my husband assured me.  He would take care of the dog! 
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Happiness is...Morning Coffee

Hear about a Colombian Organic Coffee Farm Andrea visited with her family.
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Happiness is...the beach

Dreaming of beach days.
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