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The coziest bamboo and organic cotton blend sweatshirts.

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The Happi Journal

Whether you are an avid skier or just starting out or just enjoy the Après ski vibe, we have all the tips and tricks for you! 
Brr! The weather is certainly getting colder and that can only mean one thing - hockey season! Whether you are a hockey parent, play yourself, or simply enjoy cheering on your favourite team, hockey is something that always brings the community together. 
Gordon Carton, Grampy, my grandfather, my hero, and our founder, left us a legacy.  I will never forget his smile, positivity, kindness, and most importantly his passion.  His desire to spread happiness at the age of 95 will always be inspiring.
It's all about Yoga!
Last summer, we sent the Trudeau family a very special care package. We included some of our casual and athletic wear and a letter explaining our brand and our founding story.

Natalie Boese exudes positivity in everything she does — and she does a lot. As a successful entrepreneur of two businesses and the mom of two boys, she navigates the world with a sense of optimism and energy. She's unstoppable. 

Natalie's second son, Rhys, was born with a rare gene mutation that requires extensive medical care. Over the years, Natalie has met each challenge that Rhys and her family have faced with grace, humour and perseverance to give both of her boys the very best in life.    

We first met actorPeyton Kennedy  at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall. But we felt like we already knew her — with her roles in Murdoch Mysteries,American Fable, andThe Captive, Peyton has been wowing audiences on the big and small screen for over six years now. It's no small feat that the Toronto-born actor has landed big roles with some major directors (Atom Egoyan, for instance).
You can't help but get swept up inMercedes Nicoll's personal brand of positivity. Head over to her Twitter or Instagram accounts (she's@mercedesnicoll), and you'll find the posts of an incredible athlete that radiates a rare blend of pure happiness, true grit, and endless determination. She's candid about the ups and downs of being a competitive athlete and the sacrifices she's made and work she's put into her sport, but, in reading her posts, it's impossible to not feel inspired. 
Meghan Telpner is a one-womantour de force. An author, speaker, and nutritionist, she helms the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and has authored theUnDiet collection of books. She's also a new mama—to the very adorable Finley—and our first nomination for The Happiness Files. 
Happiness Is Inc. co-founder Andrea Armstrong shares a few of her favourite things in our very first Happiness Files.